Triangle Organics

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added July 08, 2009 by amber.concepcion
Beautiful Jersey cow dairy farm, run by an Amish family who are very knowledgeable about the local and organic movement. Cows are pasture-raised. Delicious raw milk, raw cheeses, and a small health food store.

When and Where to Buy

Come to the farm to make purchases. The building on the right as you pull up toward the house is the sales area. If no one is there when you arrive, it's worth looking around and you will soon find someone to help you!

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Raw milk & butter

Reviewed by eleni on November 19, 2013
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The raw milk tastes like an ice cream cone! My kid loves it. My lactose intolerant sister drank it and had no stomach problems. The butter is heavenly. I read how beneficial raw butter is for the arteries and I can't imagine ever going back to store bough garbage. I wish they delivered!

Triangle Organics


5799 Penns Valley Rd, Aaronsburg, PA 16820 Rt. 45E, 4 mi past the town of Millheim. Farm on the left, before Cemetery Rd.
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