Tom Vosler Custom Made Knives

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added July 16, 2009
handmade knives for hunting, the kitchen, and for collectors. Wooden handles, stone, and horn. Nicely balanced, and with a lifetime guarantee.

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look for him at festivals, or contact him directly

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Reviewed by dci1958pa on October 02, 2014
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I own a Tom Vosler hunting knife,11.4in. long...Stacked handle withis various material's( ivory,ironwood,sheep horn and an amber material i have not I.D'ed yet..As this was a gift to me from a late brother in law.Anyway red&white spacer's between stacking,blade is one peice,bolster&butt are held by pin(barley visble),Heart Hole on blade&numbered..So i can contact tom and ask what the amber is! Bottom line is Tom Vosler make's funcitional cutom knive's of high qualityand i highly recomend ANYBODY who is concidering a custom kife meant to work or display give him a call or snail mail,It WILL be worth it!!! And the sheaths he make's are A# 1 !!!

Awesome hand made knives

Reviewed by mitchellgirardier on June 05, 2012
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I had deal with Tom in the past and had found him to be very straight forward with his craftsmanship and quality. Have owned a couple of knives not for 10 . Still look great and hold the edge. Use them at least once a day. Would definitely recommend him. Just wish he had a website so I could browse for more knives.

Tom Vosler Custom Made Knives


251 Osborne Rd Greenville PA 16125

Contact Information:

Phone: 724.253.4274
Web site: http://

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