Sweet Sourland Farms

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added November 13, 2009 by amber.concepcion
Sweet Sourland Farms is a family owned & operated business offering locally grown forest and agricultural products for sale on a modest scale. * PURE MAPLE SYRUP - 2009 crop available now! Pints (16 oz) : $10 Half-pints (8 oz): $6 * LOCAL WILDFLOWER HONEY- sold out now but 2009 crop available late summer * LUMBER- grown & milled on site

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9-5pm, by appointment

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Sweet Sourland Farms


90 Lambertville Hopewell Tpk (Rt 518) Hopewell, NJ 08525

Contact Information:

Phone: 609 466-9241

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Honey/Bee Products, Syrups/Sauces
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